Pictures courtesy of Elisabeth c. g. Den Teuling

These pictures show just two of the many bakery windows in Dinant, Belgium, which display the very decorative couques de Dinant. These cookies, while edible, look much better than they taste and are sold to tourists as souveniers of their visit to the town. For cookie board collectors, a visit to Dinant will turn up many cookies, but finding a Dinant mold will prove to be nearly impossible. Dinant cookie boards usually have the town's name carved into the design, making them very rare and valuable to people in that area of Belgium. Very few make their way onto the market. In the years I have collected cookie boards, I have only come across two Dinant molds which were for sale. I own both and they can be found on the Objects page and Animals page of this website. In the meantime, if you visit Dinant, be sure to stop at the visitor's information center on the east side of downtown where a good selection of old Dinant cookie boards are displayed.