Engraving - Hot Gingerbread Seller

Cries of London series by F. Wheatley, 1795

Large Speculaas Box


Large Spekulatius Box

Aachen, Germany

Belgian Speculoos

Advertising Keychain

Liberty Brand Cookies tin

Long Island, NY

Advertising Lithograph - ca. 1920's

This original lithograph was printed by Tobereri, Schwabach, for the Georg Goess Lebkuchen Bakery, Nürnberg. The image area of this lithograph measures 31" x 18 1/2".

"Ginger Bread" by Anton Pieck

Anton Pieck (Dutch 1895-1987) painted many scenes of everyday life in the Netherlands. This particular painting shows a baker looking into his back room, as he watches a group of women making speculaas cookies. Speculaas in many different designs can be seen throughout the shop.

Image courtesy of Salus-Holland