The Netherlands
Bakkerijmuseum "Oude Bakkerij" Medemblik

A nice display of old bakery items, including Dutch cookie boards.

Fries Museumxxxxxxxxx Leeuwarden

Large collection.

Museum Flehitexxxxxxxx Amersfoort

Only a few molds, but this city museum is definitely worth the visit.

Bakkerijmuseumxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Huizen

Nederlandse Bakkerijmuseum Het Warme Land (Bakery Museum) Hattem

A good collection of cookie boards as well as bakery-related items. During my visit this museum had a small cafe inside for visitors.

Nederlands Openlucht Museumxc Arnhem

Centraal Museumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Utrecht

Noordbrabants Museumxxxxxxxxxxx 's-Hertogenbosch
Banketbakkers Museumxxxxxxxxxx Flevohof

Klempish Bakkerijmuseum Dexxx Grenswachterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Luyksgestel