This page will lead you to various websites that I have found particularly interesting. While some websites deal directly with cookie boards, most will contain information which is indirectly associated with cookie boards and/or their use. I hope you find these websites to be informative and entertaining.

Jaarsma Bakery>> >>XXXXXXXXXX>>> >>

This wonderful bakery is located in the very Dutch town of Pella, Iowa. Owned by Ralph and Elaine Jaarsma, the bakery serves various Dutch pastries including speculaas cookies and their excellent Dutch Letters. Ralph is a third generation baker and continues on the tradition of Jaarsma Bakery which was operated by his father and founded by his grandfather.

Bakkerijmuseum "De oude bakkerij">>>>>>

A very well organized site (written in Dutch) for this bakery/bakery museum in Medemblik, Netherlands. This museum is unique in that it still operates as a working bakery. In fact, you have to walk between the counters to get to the small museum area and beyond there is the baking area. During my visit I was lucky enough to be there as a group of Dutch children were receiving a demonstration on speculaas making from the baker. I highly recommend a stop there if you travel to the Netherlands.

Goldapfel Schafbock- und Lebkuchenbäckereixx

Yet another bakery/bakery museum, however this one is located in the Swiss town of Einsiedeln. A very well organized website with many pictures of the bakery and museum exhibits. This site is written in German so those who don't speak the language want to check the site carefully so you don't miss anything.

Dinant Cookies>>>


Two more French-language websites with information on Dinant cookies.

Cookie from Dinant

Bäckerei Klein>>>

This is the website of a bakery in Aachen, Germany, a town well known for using cookie boards to make cookies called Aachener printen. The nice thing about this site is that it is available in English for those of you who do not speak German. My research shows that cookie boards with the tin borders may have originated from this town.

Ceský Krumlov>>>>
The Czech Republic also has its spot in gingerbread-making history. In the small town of Ceský Krumlov, records show gingerbread bakers working there in the early 17th century and the tradition has been carried on through the years by many bakers afterwards. This website is in English and full of information on the history of gingerbread-making in this town, as well as pictures of many old cookie boards.

Couques V. Collard>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>x

This is the website of the Couques V. Collard bakery in Dinant, Belgium. It is completely in French, but navigating the site is not that difficult and there are some interesting pictures of the bakery to be found there, including several pictures of the bakery's cookie boards. The couques de Dinant are hard to miss when you visit this town, as there are many shops displaying entire windows full of beautifully molded cookies. A warning to those who may visit there, the cookies are very hard and great care must be taken when trying to eat them. Legend has it that many years ago the townspeople of Dinant used these hard cookies to defend the town by throwing them at the invading forces. Was the cookie mightier than the sword?

The St. Nicholas Centerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Created by Carol Myers and Jim Rosenthal, The St. Nicholas Center is an organization devoted to the preservation and study of St. Nicholas. Part of the Center's website displays their collection of cookie boards, all of which have the design of St. Nicholas. The link above will take you to pages containing the Center's cookie board collection, but please do check out their entire website, as there is much to learn from the information they have posted. I should also mention, though this organization is based in Holland, Michigan, The St. Nicholas Center can only be visited online.