Ladonin Alexander Egorovich
xxLadonin Alexander Egorovich has spent more than 30 years woodcarving, rediscovering and preserving the ancient Russian traditions. A member of numerous archaeological and ethnographic expeditions, Master Ladonin discovered and restored a number of unique carvings which are now included in the collections of Russia’s richest museums. He especially loves carving the kovsh (horse-ladle) from the Tver region of Russia, and traditional symbolic cookie molds. He currently lives and carves in Moscow, Russia. Master Ladonin can be contacted through carver Leo Sharashkin, who can be found on the Modern Carvers page.
Master Ladonin sits next to a display of some of the wooden objects he has carved.
This cookie board, a copy of an ancient Russian mold, is carved from birch and measures 26 1/2" x 12 1/2". The design contains a lion, horse and Sirin bird. The writing around the border of the mold reads, "Drink and eat to your health, conversing with good people, but not with evil people, this pranik (cake) of molasses."
Domovoi, or home spirit, on a horse.