Three Running Hares Sharing Ears

Origin: Dinant, Belgium

Age: early to mid-19th century

Size: 11 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Note: This is a rare Dutch cookie board depicting three Hares, running around the inside of a circular design and all three share the same ears. The design dates to 6th century China and probably spread to Europe sometime in the 16th century. Also carved into the design is a village, with houses, a church and a city hall. A very interesting part of the design is the Dutch phrase which has been carved into the circle which surrounds the running hares. The phrase reads, “Voor Drie Hazen, Drie Ooren En Toch Is Ieder Met Twee Geboren,” which means in English: While Three Hares, Three Ears And Still Is Each Born With Two Ears. The board is carved in a style that is typical of Dinant, Belgium, but the fact that Dinant is French speaking this mold probably was not used in a bakery there. The mold, being acquired near Maastricht, Netherlands, could have been carved in Dinant for a baker in a Dutch speaking region.